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Royal Rooters Guidelines

Welcome to Royal Rooters of Red Sox Nation! We welcome you all to our online community, where the only requirement for admission is a love of our Sox.

Since moving here, we've attracted a lot of new posters, and we hope you all will continue to contribute to our forum. We want to maintain this Board as an online community where Red Sox fans can discuss games, players, and trades, share ideas, and join in the occasional friendly argument. Our goal has been to create a community that is open to everyone.

As we get larger, and new members join us, we feel it is necessary from time to time to remind posters of the our board rules and guidelines, and to reinforce a few common-sense 'netiquette' guidelines that help a board such as this run smoothly.


1. This Board is moderated, and the Barstaff will edit or delete posts they feel are not appropriate. Posters who violate the guidelines will be warned by the Barstaff; just like in the game, three strikes and you're out. We don't want to bar anyone from our community, but we will not tolerate behavior that alienates or harasses other posters.

2. Please do not start duplicate threads. Check recent posts to see if the topic you are posting is already being discussed. It makes more sense to add to existing threads, because then we can all join in a single conversation. The Barstaff will delete or merge duplicate threads.

3. We hope that all posters will feel welcome here. We do not consider ourselves 'elitists', but we do encourage intelligent, thoughtful comments and discourse. In other words, please leave the trashtalk in the junior high gym. If the Barstaff feels a post or thread contains more heat than light, it may be deleted.

4. Please discuss all non-baseball topics, as well as off-beat, incidental, and trivial baseball topics in the Saloon. Keep the Red Sox and other baseball forums for baseball discussion only. Even in the Saloon, discussions about pornography or other inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated and will be deleted.

5. Try to create thread titles that provide some insight into what is being discussed. Titles like "Last night's game" are too vague and are not helpful to others who want to read your thread.

6. Please limit profanity in your posts. We do not want to restrict free expression, but we will edit unnecessary or egregious use of profanity and obscenity.

7. Do not post obscene avatars or other obscene images. We are not going to try to define obscenity for you, but the Barstaff all know it when we see it. Use of obscene images may get you banned from this board.

8. Posters who demonstrate troll-like behavior, posting only for the purpose of creating dissention on the board, will be banned from the forum. For information on Internet trolls, we recommend the following:

What is a Troll?

9. Limit your username to 25 total characters, including spaces. Do not use an underscore (_) between words. Using more than 25 characters or an underscore creates problems with some browsers.

10. Limit your signature to no more than four lines of 10-point type. Larger signatures are distracting, and also use bandwidth.

11. Sending threatening, obscene, or harassing Personal Messages to other posters will result in a permanent ban from this board.

12. You must include a link or a source or other reference for all news items you post. If there is no way to check a news item, the Barstaff may lock a thread until we can document the information. If you are reporting a rumor you heard, or something you heard on the radio, please say so.

13. Taking information from other sites, news media, or other sources and passing it off as your original work will result in your being suspended or banned from this board at the discretion of the administrators.

14. Knowingly posting false “news” may result in your being suspended or banned from the board. If you want to post a parody, please do not try to pass it off as news.

15. Posters who have been suspended may return to the board after their suspension has expired. Suspended posters who attempt to register under another username during their suspension period will be banned from the board.

16. Posters who have been banned may not return to the board. Banned posters may not register under another username. We will find you.

17. We have a Chat Room set up for posters to converse in real time. Please try to keep the chat off the forums, because it is distracting and takes away from serious conversation. The Barstaff will delete "chatty" posts if we feel they are distracting from the flow of the forums.

18. New registrants are considered "New Members" until their 51st post. New Members cannot start topics or enter the Rooters Chat room until that time.

19. Have fun! Go Sox!

RedSoxAnni, Cambridge, Edmund Dantes, JimDevlin, MALC, Mascho, thanman2, The Love Below, and PSF